• Appraisir is the first ever real estate game. You are shown a house listing and have to use the home details to figure out the price. Use the Hint button if the price is too difficult to guess.
  • Go to the home page and click on any of the homes.

  • Look through the photos and details to get an idea of everything the home has to offer.

  • Guess the price of the home by inputting a number into the top text bar!

  • Create an account to keep track of your score.
The formula is y=500(1-(2x²)), where x = (|Guess-Price| / Price)

The X axis is the percentage away from the actual price, and the Y axis is the scored points. Since we take the absolute value of the ( Guess - Price ), x will always be positive. The maximum score is 500 and the score is rounded up, so a y value of 499.51 is rounded to 500.

The Average Home Price helps in guessing the right price. However, unlocking this will lower your score by 100. In terms of the formula, it is a simple subtraction from your score ( new score = score - 100 ).
Similarly, unlocking the Tax Assessed Value helps in guessing the price, but will lower your score by 50.
  • Yes, Appraisir is currently free to play! I am supported by the ads shown on the website.
  • Appraisir is made by one developer. Unfortunatly, this site makes little money. I update the game in my free time, while also working full time.
  • I hope that Appraisir becomes popular enough to support me full time. Tweet me suggestions and recommendations you have for the site!

Appraisir is developed by one person. I am supported by the Ads displayed on this site. Please disable adblock if possible!